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Webshapes or Web based ICT applications since 1995


Consultancy services for professional technology oriƫnted corporations related to web based digitalisation projects


Solution design including selection of ICT tools such as databases, containerisation, API's, VPN infrastructure and front end design


Setup of server side backend infrastructure with tools based on JSON, PYTHON, Docker, MongoDB, Node-RED, MQTT and others

Status info

Currently we have a full schedule up till the end of the year 2022. In case this situation changes or we are able to substantially grow our team we will change the status information.

Our story

The first projects we realized - before we were even incoporated - date back to 1983. At that time the OLIVETTI M24 running CPM and later on MS-DOS was one of the most perOlivetti M24formant desktops one could find and we started to automate the sales and accounting systems of boutiques on the Belgian coast and to train users in the usage of Multiplan, WordPerfect, dbase and AUTOCad.

In 1995 Webshapes was incorporated and the activity grew towards backend solutions for mid-sized companies such as EBP which was the first company offering digital information about public tenders or PRUFTECHNIK NV, a Belgian/Dutch daughter of PRÜFTECHNIK AG, developer of electronic measurement and controll systems. Customers were diverse and covered various sectors such as travel agencies, entertainment, a studfarm, a manufacturer of banking software, a DNA sequencing company and so on.

Most applications were mainly tailor made backend solutions, combining database engines with a front-end and focussing on the serServersver side processing and consulting activities related to our offering. Later on we grew our activities with training and more general management consulting activities. The aim was often to assist small or mid-sized companies to select the technology that is best suited to their application needs and to offer solutions that were affordable for this segment as well as to prepare market introductions related to ICT tools and services.

Currently our engineers maintain and expand projects with existing customers since the demand for tailor made solutions is larger than the availability of top developers we are not acquiring new projects. Our growth has always been organic and not exponential. This gives us enough time to follow new developements in ICT such as for example new analytic engines, narrow artificial intelligence, containerisation and IIoT concepts and to help our customers to cope with these new and fast developing tools.

Most of our SaaS solutions run on state of the art servers in a secure and profesional scalable hosting environment connected directly to the SPRINT backbone between Amsterdam and Paris.